A Rose for Atswɛi (Verse 2)

atsweiThe kenkey kindled Kotey’s knack to keenly kow-tow like a king thirsting for khebab as Atswei kindly blushed knowing Kotey’s killing desire for a kiss. “A ball of kenkey goes for 1 cedi and the fish you see arranged is also 1 cedi” said Atswɛi. But Kotey only had 2 cedis to spend for the rest of the day and the weekend ahead and buying one kenkey and one fish won’t satisfy him, neither will 2 balls. But that’s all he’s got and he also wants to make advances on this damsel. Yet what he didn’t know was that Ga girls are very patient and can decipher the intention before you speak it out. When Atswɛi smiled at him as she saw the difficulty he was in his eyes rolled backwards as he was ‘dying inside’ for the beauty he now beheld became a goddess. Just then he began to confess like he was before a priest of the Catholic Church during confession time. He burst out saying “please I only have 2 cedis for today and the weekend and if I dare buy with all this money I don’t even know what I’ll eat tomorrow and….” Atswei had already sensed the desperation and using customer care antics inherited from generations before her, she touched his chest and said “please don’t worry, I will be willing to give it to you on credit or you just take it free for today so that next time when you have money you can get as much as you want.” But then the first touch on his chest made her feel a strong beat as his heart pounced, the beat gave her, her first shock, and shock gave her her first crush and the crush made her fall in love. As if being pushed by a button, they both started to lean towards each other and then all of a sudden from nowhere, Atswɛi’s mom shouted “Kwɛ Atswɛi!”

To be continued….

A Verse by Kotey


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