Que Sera Sera: What Will Be Will Be

bngThe saying is basically a transliteration from Spanish/French to English. Its root and how and when it was first used is highly debatable but originates from Latin. It has also been adopted by some prominent families in the past as a family motto. It became a worldwide slang after the release of the movie “The Man Who Knew Too Much” in which it was introduced as a song in the year 1956. Sadly, many people as a result of this saying have had the belief that no matter what, even if they do nothing, ‘what will be will be.’ But how can one pass an exam without studying? How can one succeed without working hard? How can anyone go on a journey without travelling to the place? Many a man have develop lackadaisical attitudes because of this saying and have missed what would have been their life time breakthrough, success, promotion, and their best pair for marriage. Yes marriage. Many do not even put an effort into sustaining a relationship and will wish for things to fall in place. Even magic needs a wizard to perform it! Others will also wish for breakthroughs in their lives through means far more miraculous than miracle as they sit at one place without lifting a finger. It is not enough to pray. Prayer answers all things, yes. but we must work in the direction we pray by putting in effort for even when Manna fell from heaven, the Israelites had to ‘move out’ and collect it and then put it through their buccal cavities to masticate it, and then swallow it to be satisfied. It is always better to attempt and fail because then you succeeded in trying.

My name is Kotey and may we fight for what we rightly want and deserve, even if it is love, with a strong spirit for even Christ had to come and die for man for him to gain salvation and didn’t sit on his throne and say to himself ’what will be will be.’

Good morning.


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