The Storm from Beneath

The Titanic would have been the world’s first ship that would cross the Atlantic and made history. Within the boat were most of the worlds famous and the world’s richest at the time. The titanic set sail from Southampton hoping to reach New York. It was thought to be the unsinkable ship, or did it creators think. It dominated over the ocean and projected a sign of confidence like the smile of conqueror as many walked into it not knowing it was the last place they will be. Four days after setting out, that was April 4 around midnight, disaster struck the Titanic and made it sink so simple. The movie depicts that the one who was suppose to be looking out for the ship was watching some love birds keep themselves warm at sea. It was just an iceberg that made steel seem like rubber, bringing water into the virgin boat. It carried 2240 passengers of which lifeboats rescued 705 souls.
My name is Kotey and me we know that ships do not sink because of the water around them, they sink because of the water that get into them. May we be careful to know what and who bring within our lives for not all the smiles we see actually mean laughter.
Good morning



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