Striving with Strive

strivveSo today I decided to share with you one of Africa’s greatest entrepreneurs I happen to follow on facebook. Yeah, facebook is a platform where we also learn many things ranging from business to education. Strive Masiyiwa happens to be one of Africa’s greatest entrepreneurs and founder of Econet Wireless, a diversified telecommunications group. He started his company with the equivalent of $75. Today his organisation has presence in over 20 countries not just across Africa but also the world. It wasn’t a rosy ride for him. Before he began his telecommunications industry, he had to fight his government in court for about five years just to get the legal authority to operate and nearly became bankrupt as a result. He is very optimistic about the future of the African continent and its people. He also teaches people how to make it in life, mainly business life, by teaching what to do and also referring people to sites where they can be able to invest in themselves through (free) online education. Furthermore, he has setup a foundation that provides over 100 000 scholarship to young Africans and supports 40 000 orphans with educational initiatives. He is an (idle) role model and fears the Lord.
My name is Kotey and yes we all can do same if not better, May we avail ourselves not just to make wealth but help others by creating the opportunity to help them succeed.
Good morning.

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