A Rose for Atswɛi (Verse 1)

atsweiHer bald head brightened brightly the beams from the onion bulb, bizarrely blinding Kotey Bartimeus, making him badly wanting to reach to the part beneath the belly of this beautiful damsel to bottom her up. Atswɛi is a noun, as it happens to be the name of the only daughter of a kenkey seller at Teshie. At age 22, she has grown incredibly bald and set a record that the Guinness Book of Records has no page to record. For her baldness wasn’t a curse from the gods neither was it hereditary but self-inflicted as a result of carrying hot metallic basin filled with kenkey to sell day and night since childhood. She is firmly built and more rounded than basketball at her hilly regions. Her skin is naturally black and her sight could saturate a sea of sensational feelings that could arrest the mind of a convert. Yet with all her visible ‘accoutrement’, none of it could titillate this brother until she bent to pick a ball of kenkey. Just then, the sun formed on the middle of her head causing Kotey to forcefully see the light. Atswɛi’s antics and antagonising acrobatic skills of extracting a ball of kenkey from the aged aluminium basin has aggravated all of Kotey’s attention. Now he’s tempted to taste the forbidden fruit and confused as to whether to fall for the bait or ask for shito although he has stew.

To be continued….

A Verse by Kotey


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