If Eve had worn a wig which cost GHC2000 with polished nails and with makeup on her face, and her shaved eyebrow was replaced with pencil mark while standing on high heels, and her body was as it was described in the bible, I bet Adam would’ve been steady before accusing her of causing him to eat the fruit.
Adam wasn’t muscular, cos there were no gyms in the garden. But I am sure Eve was a model whose curves disturbed the monkeys, so they hugged her often. If she were an African, she would’ve been a Ga. Adam must’ve been jealous! Imagine the look on his face when the one thing closest to the human race were all over his ‘wife’.
But you see, when they left the garden, after they were given animal skin to replace the fig leaves, they still remained together to start a family. There are times in a relationship/marriage when one will ‘accuse’ you, perhaps to friend, a family member, or a pastor. But you must try to remain faithful and stay with your partner.
From Adam and Eve came the whole human race, including you. Before success comes your way, there’ll be times of struggle, doubt, and a time of hopelessness. One must overcome a challenge to be a victor. Stay true to each other but if it is not working out, speak to God and seek godly counsel, not gossiping to others. Don’t let love blind you. See through it and you’ll be in love forever. It’s okay to say ‘No’ sometimes. It’s also an answer. Be bold.
But then, what if Eve had broken up with Adam?
adam and eve


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