The World’s Greatest

qlow-220px-Muhammad_Ali_NYWTSSo Mohammed Ali is dead, but history will remember him is one of the greatest boxers to have ever lived. If he was a Ghanaian, he would have been from Bukom and probably have been called Mohammed ‘Kotey’ Ali. Well fate had it that he should be born in a colder climate. He started boxing at the age of twelve and became the youngest person to win the Heavyweight title at the age of 22 during his time. In one of his early bouts he described himself as “I am the world’s greatest. I am the world’s prettiest.” Many saw him as crazy but in the end he won the fight. The least number taken from his blood pressure that day was 120. Later in his life, when he was drafted into the US Army by ‘force’ he refused to go to Vietnam to fight the war on behalf of his country because he felt even in his own country he doesn’t have the freedom he deserves. He also changed from Cassius Clay to Mohammed Ali because he said it was a slave name and didn’t like it. One of his opponents who called him Cassius Clay had the worst beating of his life that people described the fight as torture. He fought 61 bouts and lost five in his career. The point is he trained and fought well and now the world will forever remember him for whom he said he was. My question to you today is, who do you say you are?
My name is Kotey, and I am the Best Perfection.
Good morning.


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