The Unwritten Law

The animal kingdom is a very wonderful place where unwritten codes are abided by. No one attempts to do what he is not supposed to do. Taking an example from the lion, or perhaps from the wolf, usually after a kill the leader of the pack is the first to enjoy his portion of the meal after which he leaves it for the rest of the pack. Sometimes too, he just kills and then hands it over to the pack especially if there are cubs (offspring). Any attempt by members of the pack to enjoy the meal before he does is not tolerated. It may result in bloody battle. In effect they follow his orders and do as he does. Our country Ghana yesterday was plagued by the effect that, the first gentleman of the land has received a ‘gift’ which tantamount a bribe. Assuming without admitting that he committed such unforgivable sin and nothing happens to him, as required by the law, won’t it be a step for his other ministers to follow? A school of thought opines that perhaps due to such acts of his many people caught in corruption deals have gone scot-free, given another political appointment, or their cases in court are not being eagerly pursued. Also, assuming without admitting, that what he took was indeed a bribe, will parliament impeach him as president since he has violated the constitution he swore to uphold looking at the fact that majority of MPs are NDC? Also since the bodies which are likely to investigate this, if need be, were appointed by the president, answer to the president, and not independent of the Executive arm of government, are we going to get an honest investigation? Or will it be another committee of enquiry to another committee then another committee and then the case dies? It is my opinion that the president shouldn’t have received the said ‘gift’ considering the circumstances, whether the ‘gift’ is now part of a pool of government vehicles or not since it is worth more than the required amount any public officer should receive as gift. When people speak the truth, others say they are doing politics but then when we keep quiet we all suffer. Remember that the world becomes a wicked place not because of the actions of bad people but mainly because of the silence of the good ones.
My name is Kotey and if keeping mute is what they expect from me, then may my silence be loud that the whole world will hear me keeping quiet as I think on my thoughts.
Good morning.

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