In the african childname of poverty the politician plights plenty, probably like a pauper, on behalf of the many people perceived poor. They succeed in penetrating precisely the pockets of donors like pickpockets picketing people yet poverty still clings to Africa like how a baby clings to its mother’s breast.
Africa possesses 60% of the world’s arable land yet many of our people go to bed without knowing how food smells. The seasons in Africa makes it possible for us to farm throughout the year and irrigate farms to provide food for ourselves and the world. Yet our leaders spend an average of $35 billion importing food from countries which only have four months to farm every year. So I ask myself, where did our leaders pass?
Extreme poverty is real and everyone must try to support in alleviating poverty. It is truth it is not only governments who can do this but it will depend on them to put up good policies and measures to eradicate poverty. It must be a conscious effort together with the private sector in order to harness the potential of Africa.
It wouldn’t come on a silver platter. Better jobs through industrialization will help the continent’s economy and will make things better. It wouldn’t take a day to achieve this. But we need one day for our leaders to decide in a second that they must immediately start doing something for all. Indeed they are doing something, but where lies the priority? Let’s help eradicate poverty and surely Africa will be a better place.
I believe in Africa and rise we can but when?
My name is Kotey. Good morning.


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