The Nun and the Church Mouse

There was a nun. She only shook her behind on weekends. Not because it was part of her job description, but nunbecause she couldn’t help stop the cause of nature even if she tried. This caused the church mouse which lived in the cracks of the synagogue to always come out and sit in front of the congregation holding cheese.
His attention was never on the priest who delivered the sermon. His dark shades hid his eyes from the view of others so he only stared at what pleased him. He shouts the loudest amen yet he never opens to the quotation the priest directs. He barely hears him read it and always asks the nun after service for further clarification.
One day, he invited the nun over after mass. He didn’t go for it although he was at church for he knew he wasn’t done sinning. As he shared the lamentations of his soul and his dire need for salvation, he asked for a hug he had since time immemorial longed for.
When the nun began to approach him to grant him his wish, a strong wind blew through the cracks putting out the dim-lit candle. The mouse jumped in jubilation knowing his intentions have been cemented by the darkness. As he held her close, he realised her smooth skin was now hairy and her soft cheek now pierced him steadily.
Then lightning struck and the light illuminated his pretty hole. He saw in a flash of light the face of a mean cat staring down at him as if he were supper. Indeed the nun he thought he saw was actually his predator and he has invited her into his home.
You see, when we go to church with our own expectations, in this case the cheese, we may lose focus of what God has for us that minute. When we fail to look up unto God, in this case the preacher, but unto others blindly, in this case the nun, we may harbour demons in human vessel who will seek our destruction, in this case the cat.
It is a good thing to look up unto others in our Christian walk in order to help us mature, but let’s be sure the person is first leading us to Christ. May we also as Christians know the difference between preaching our churches and preaching Christ.
My name is Kotey.


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