The Light Edison Gave the World

edisonWhen Thomas Edison developed the electric bulb, it was seen as something entirely magical, almost close to witchcraft. People couldn’t imagine how ‘fire’ contained in a glass could illuminate a room without adding kerosene and sparking matches as was the case in lanterns, also known as hurricane lamps. It was the invention that shaped the centuries ahead. Thomas Edison is accredited with over one thousand patents or otherwise, inventions and arguably the world’s most successful inventor. Many of his inventions served as the foundation for modern day technology. He developed his first invention at age 22. Some of his inventions include phonograph, motion pictures which helped later creating videos, and the telegraph. Growing up, he developed hearing problems at an early age which resulted in deafness. His teachers also described him as “too stupid to learn anything.” He didn’t last long on his first job because he was fired. He is attributed with the saying ‘success is 1% motivation and 99% perspiration.’ He indeed perspired and has helped in creating a better world through his inventions.
My name is Kotey and although people may look down on you and circumstances may not be favourable, know that with constant perspiration, your success will be your motivation. Never give up. For who knows who will be the next person to light up this world in a different and helpful way.

Good morning


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