The Holy Herb

For the heavens once where a haven to the gods and from it spoke a voice. A voice that caused the earth to bring out herbs as green as grass from the depths of its crevices as the oceans bowed with all their majesty. But man liked not the colour green, and so made a piece from the cotton tree and rolled it round the green grass cutting the herb loose from the ground. After, he set fire onto his lips bringing out smoke from his lungs shortening his length of days. Marvelling at this magic, he shouted, for he was high, yet not high enough to reach out to the Most High for salvation from this wicked invention of the Ganja Planter.
My name is Kotey and I believe the benefits of Marijuana must not be confused with smoking it. Its usage in many products and medicines are under the guide of professional medical personnel and its abuse must be fought against. Love your life and live healthy. Let the smoke only come from fire and not from within you.
Good morning and have a smokeless day. Peace.


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