The Genius that Couldn’t Talk

einsteinHe never spoke till he was four. Never read till he was seven. He never was admitted to a university yet received honorary doctorates. He was thought to be mentally handicapped although no psychiatrist declared him so. He never stood for an election yet was offered the presidency of the state of Israel after World War II but he refused it. His name, well it’s Albert Einstein. Albert Einstein was birthed on March 14, 1897 and today his name is synonymous to the word ‘genius’. It was his love for physics; mainly quantum physics and mathematics which shot him to world fame. He proposed new formulas and modified old ones. I guess he’s the kind to whom many need not be given an introduction. His name does the rest.
My name is Kotey and I know that sometimes it is not the beginning that matters but how we write our stories at the end of life’s page.

Good morning.


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