For our hurts are not from accidents
Our hurts are not from the guns of battle
Neither from the insults of our bosses
They are marked on us like branded cattle set out for slaughter
My peace is not that I seek no suffering
But a moment of your attention
A time for you to answer my call
A time for you to hold me back when I hug
A time to be willing to see me when I look you in the eye
A moment of holding hands to shame the devil
Let our enemies fight for our break up
But let our love hold on to us
Trusting that we are again rising from our doubts
Not getting soiled by the mud of hatred
May our stories not be told by those who wish we breakup
May our story be written by the invisible hands of love
May it be printed in the pages of our heart
That hallelujah may be the last end of the script
When the Pope blesses our union
Before the Sanhedrin of well-wishers who seek our future in eternity


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