Possible is Possible

Andrew Carnegie is the richest man the modern world has ever seen. His personal net worth in today’s money is over 310 billion dollars, the largest private fortune ever known. Meaning not even Bill Gates or the ten richest people on earth today come anywhere close. He was once a poor immigrant in the United States. His growth to riches came from the most unlikely of sources. He was asked by his boss one day to construct a bridge over the Mississippi River and when asked if he could do it, he said yes. But the problem was he had never even built a bridge over a stream in his entire life and he had no idea on how to do it. Moreover, the bridge will be the longest in America. After accepting the challenge, he went about educating himself and finding out ways of doing this unthinkable thing, more so because in his days, one in every four bridges constructed failed. He discovered that steel was the best material to use in the construction of the bridge. After investing money and time the bridge was completed to the chagrin of many after four years of construction. There was also another challenge of getting people to cross the bridge after its construction. The superstition of that time was that an elephant will never cross an unstable structure and succeeding in using an elephant to cross it the whole America believed the bridge was indeed strong. Believe it if you will, this gave him courage to build Carnegie Steel, a company that made him a fortune. His steel was considered the best and had more orders than he can contain. The world’s first skyscraper, which is in Chicago, was built using Carnegie’s steel. Before Andrew Carnegie died he donated most of his fortune to supporting education and building of libraries across America to get people educated. In today’s world, we have Elon Musk, who builds spacecrafts and electric cars for people. Also, one of the Google brothers is also investing in ‘flying cars’. As in cars without wheels and will in the near future will be the crave of many.
My name is Kotey, and I know that what is unthinkable today is possible tomorrow through hard work and the will of God and when one gets to the top never forget your humble beginnings that you may give back to society.
Good morning.


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