Nothing is as hard as Diamond

diamondThroughout history and how long life has lived, man has cut through many things and crashed many more. Many a man have chewed rocks and others through magical powers have sought to turn into stone after their death but through all these escapades man has discovered there is nothing as hard as diamond. Diamonds are formed underneath the earth surface at distances between 140km to 190km and are sometimes brought to the earth surface by volcanic eruptions. They have very strong covalent bonding which accounts for their hardness and can only be contaminated by few impurities. Diamonds are cherished as they can be used for religious purposes and also they are gemstones. In these days, one have to make sure that a ring has a diamond before proposing to his girlfriend otherwise he is more likely to wear it himself. However, there is something that cuts through this hardest thing on earth. It cuts it to shape for various uses so that man can have the size he desires. The precision of the cut also adds to determining its market value and price so artisans are very careful in passing it through this process. In effect, everything has something that brings it to ‘shape’ including diamonds, the hardest thing on earth. It is therefore important that as humans we must never see ourselves as superior or overly superior and not needing the advice of others. So far as we are living life, we will need to be ‘cut into shape’ by others who are more intelligent than us, wiser than us, and better than us. But just as the cut of the diamond determines its market value and hence depends highly on the skill of those who cut it, so will you be affected by the ‘quality’ of the advice you get and from those you get it.
My name is Kotey and I know that everyone through humility can grow to be better, accepting his or her limitations and heeding to wise counsel for even diamonds must be cut into shape.

Good morning.


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