MAN and Animals

man and aniBecause we have an understanding to language, we refer to other living things whose appearance differs from us as animals. If only we understood their language, who at all knows what they call us? More destruction has been caused to the surface of the earth by man than any other living thing that is living or has ever lived. The inventions of man has also helped propagated this cause. Man without an enforcer of rules and regulations is more likely to do what pleases and benefits only him. An example, galamsey operators have changed crystal clear water bodies to coffee brown streams contaminated with all sorts of chemicals harmful to man and themselves. The unregulated sector has created an effect which will affect a larger population including the aquatic life in the river bodies. Man through deforestation and other industrial activities have worsened the effect of global warming. Man has also caused more living things to go into extinction than ever recorded due to his activities. It is truth that other men also try to safeguard the face of the earth and near-extinction living creatures but more of many a man have done otherwise.

My name is Kotey and I know that animals protect their territories so that their offspring can inherit after them but man is entirely different being.
Good morning


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