Knowledge, Qualification and Good Ability

enigmaFor the greatest of all warriors are time and patience yet no matter how long anyone lives no one would have really accomplished life without knowledge, qualification and good ability. I’m sure many of us are accustomed to the phrase “For lack of knowledge my people perish.” The unbreakable machine ever made was Enigma or at least so people thought. It was a through the effort of Alan Turing and his team that they were able to break the code of enigma to enable them understand the messages. The Enigma was a machine used by the Germans in sending encrypted messages of war to its soldiers during the 2nd world war. No one could understand it. It was estimated at the time that if ten men were to work nonstop for 24hrs each day it will take them 20 million years to break the code. However Alan Turing believed the best way to beat a machine was only using a machine. He was ridiculed for having this idea and was nearly sacked. During the building of his machine he encountered many hurdles and the machine couldn’t work. Later all of his team stopped their individual projects to assist in Alan Turing’s work. His breakthrough came at a bar when he was having a conversation with a lady about girls. He ran and fixed his machine but the lady didn’t know what she actually said. Enigma was finally broken and that one piece which was hurdle was overcome in one night. Britain after assembling the most knowledgeable people who were qualified and had good ability were able to decrypt the messages and helped them in winning the war. It was kept as a state secret for over 50 years. Alan Turing’s work also became a foundation for the invention of the computer. In Ghana, even the way we appoint and reshuffle ministers is very incredible. Someone from transport can move to fisheries and someone from gender can move to transport and railways. Is this based on the people having knowledge, qualification and with good ability?

My name is Kotey and I know that by appointing knowledgeable people who are qualified with good ability to positions that matter and free from political influence, Ghana can tackle all its problems head on and be free from being underdeveloped.
Good morning.


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