limitA tale is told of the antelope and the tortoise that went on dare to see the fastest runner in the animal kingdom. The monkey was the referee and with his antics and theatrics set them to their fate. As we all must have been told from this folklore, the antelope left the tortoise right from the start but due to his pride and overconfidence, failed to win. He would stop at every village and booze himself to death giving the tortoise time to catch up with him. Then he will run pass him to the next town to repeat his usual. On the last day he had gotten drunk more than ever and couldn’t even find his bed. When he woke up and came outside, the tortoise was just a foot away from crossing the finish line. He mocked at him and said he will surely pass him but by the time he got there the tortoise foreleg had crossed the line. The monkey declared the tortoise the winner and laughed at the antelope on their way to their abode.
My name is Kotey and no matter how fast you run, you can’t run faster than the wind. Know your limit and always choose to be consistent with your pace having a goal in mind than rush without purpose and miss seeing the light.

Good morning.


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