Just for 15 Cedis

childslaveIn this true story, a mother one day who had breasts firmly planted on her chest was in serious financial need. Her only option was to do the unthinkable. She called her son from the room and sent him on a journey with a man to a destination he doesn’t know and neither the man he was travelling with. She had sold the child for GHC 15. Later, the child found himself doing hard jobs on the largest manmade lake in the world, Lake Volta. After a while, the mother got worried and came for the boy due to the hard conditions the boy was under. She again sold him for GHC 100 to another person. The boy used to work from 1am to 7pm each day. This is the case of a boy who, if not saved by an NGO, would have had his future tinted. There is indeed modern day slavery happening for real in Ghana, as the story you just read was covered by Joy Fm some two years ago. As of today, places like Northern Ghana, Volta Region, Eastern Region and some parts of the Greater Accra Region have parents selling their children for unthinkable prices into modern day slavery. Worldwide UNICEF reports that over 150 million children are engage in all sorts of slave activities including having children as sex slaves. It has also being shown that the major cause of child slavery is poverty.
Children one day will be future leaders to take care of the generations we will leave behind. So let us all help in providing good quality education for them in order to eradicate poverty and illiteracy. It doesn’t matter if you volunteer to teach in the government schools each vacation for free. May our leaders also make the country attractive for companies to set up and employ more people to give them an income for them not to sell their children.
My name is Kotey and I trust that the future of Ghana will be inherited by children.
Good morning.


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