Ghana’s Engineers – A Capable Force

So in my last semester this year, my team mates and I designed and constructed a window-type solar air condition under the supervision of a lecturer. To the doubting Thomases, please it worked. Some of the other projects designed and constructed by my other course mates include solar water heater, solar street light, kente-weaving machine, a quad copter, a miniature aeroplane, a Baja which is a kind of car, a nut cracker, and a wind turbine among many others. Another group also modified the diesel engine and turned it into an engine that runs on air known as the compressed air vehicle whiles another designed a miniature turbine to be put on vehicles to provide electricity for the electrical components in the car. These are just some of the projects undertaken by undergraduates at KNUST. Though many of the groups faced challenges ranging from availability of materials to cost of production, they still prevailed. Indeed, many of the students at our universities are capable of providing workable solutions to the various impediments in the country. I know that it is not only the engineers that are capable, many people in the sciences, social sciences, and the art also do very wonderful jobs. We call on the government to invest and also give priority to student projects to help in the solving of national issues in both private and public institutions. Also some of the ideas and projects can be turned into business ideas and companies can be birthed from it to help solve the unemployment issue in country.
My name is Kotey, a proud graduand in Bsc. Mechanical Engineering, and I trust that Ghana has a future looking at the potential of its entire people if our governments consciously invest in education.
Good morning.


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