Everyone Matters

Many of us live life saying we can’t please everyone so we must live the life we want no matter the views of others about what we do, because opinions are like noses and everyone has one. Well, that is a fact but not entirely truth. What if no one decided to fight for the independence of a nation but only fought for individual freedom; what if Martin Luther King Jnr. decided not to fight for equal rights for all citizens in America but only fought for his; what if Mahatma Ghandhi decided to keep his redemption through nonviolence to himself and not involve the whole India; what if no one decided to become a philanthropist in providing for the many homeless and starving people in the world; what if no one took governments to courts to put them right; and what if God decided not to save man? When it was discovered that the air in the aeroplane was actually not safe and that it killed people in it slowly, it took nearly sixty years through the effort of mainly the media to cause the airlines to filter their air for people to breathe more safely. Many of those who went on this journey to make the air plane safer for breathing were either threatened or allegedly, murdered yet people still fought the fight. Also when DDT was discovered, in America it was sprayed on people like deodorant both in public places and in swimming pools because they were ignorant about the effects including the scientific community. It took a lady by name Rachel Carson to write a book entitled Silent Spring to bring this to bare. After she died, the president of America signed into law the public regulation of DDT. She was given a posthumous award. So you see everyone needs someone and everyone opinion matters.
My name is Kotey and I believe a better world is possible if we regard the views of others as equally important as ours but not placing them above ours for us to feel intimidated or placing them beneath us making others inferior. Nonetheless, may we discern to know which view builds us up and the ones set to destroy us.
Good morning.


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