Development is Intentional

Dubai was once a community of fisher folks and almost nearly a third world country. Before the turn of the century, their autocratic leader, the king, realised the countries oil resources will one day elapse leaving the country nothing since oil is their only resource. He later called on geologists and researchers to come and find out what other resource the country has in abundance that can help it sustain its economy. After months and time of researching they were ready to inform him on dubaiwhatthey found. Eager to listen, he was shocked at what he was told. The only resources the country has aside oil in abundance is sand and stone. Yes, Sand and Stone. I wonder how his expression would have been. But he realised this is an opportunity to make Dubai the destination of the richest people in the world. The sand and stone became the building material for the many wonderful architectural buildings in Dubai and its very foundation. Artificial islands were built and the sea was desalinated to provide drinking water for its inhabitants. Today, the sand and stone which due to the wonders of engineering have been turned into skyscrapers and giant buildings, Dubai is the number one destination for the extravagant and the world’s richest including presidents of many nations. Many thought it was doomed but through intentional development and progress Dubai survived the test of time. The population of Dubai is estimated to be 1.6 million with only 200,000 being indigenes of Dubai. In other words Dubai has become cosmopolitan to the extent that five out every six people you see in Dubai is a foreigner.
My name is Kotey, and I await the day Kyorkor will look like Las Vegas and Ashaiman like Dubai. We can get there if we make developments intentional, looking at all our resources which are more than just sand and stone.
Good morning


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