Age is Just a Number

The picture you see below is that of the oldest female body builder. Her name is Ernestine Shepherd and she is 80 years old. Yep, 80 years old. Ain’t she sexy! For her daily routine, she wakes up at 2:30 am each morning says her prayers, eats a healthy breakfast and goes for a 10 mile run. She does this every single day. Myself I was surprise to find out that this sexy old woman wasn’t just relaxing and doing nothing. Through discipline and hard work she has been consistent with her training each day and now teaches a group of people who are even younger than her how to go about exercising, as in she has a class she teaches when it comes to keeping fit. When interviewed and she was asked that isn’t she too old she replied, “Age is just a number”. Of cause age is just number Sanders achieved the KFC dream at the age of 65. He was more interested in making a good and tasty chicken than making profits. Furthermore, Einstein wrote and published papers that changed the world at age 26, Newton discovered binomial theorem at age 22, Obama became the youngest American president at age 47, and Mikaila discovered her lemonade empire with a unique recipe at age 9 and now has a business she can call her own. So what actually hinders someone from developing or becoming what he or she wants to be? No, it is not due to the fear of the unknown. It is lack of persistence and discipline that make us give up early. Know that Ernestine didn’t start body building from birth. She started when she was a full grown woman but has been consistent with her training of running and lifting metals to keep her fit. More importantly, one must be consistent with a purpose and doing what will benefit him or her and others. We should never do things that will be a threat to the very existence of man.

My name is Kotey and I say to you don’t give up for no matter how long the tunnel is, there is always light at the end of it.
Good morning.



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