Africa’s Richest

alikoFor many of us who want to be rich, our first thought may be travel to some foreign land outside Africa and work to gain some currency different from ours so that we may be rich. It is a good thing to travel, that is, if one is going to gather experience and come back to his native land to see how things can be improved. Aliko Dangote is attributed with the saying ‘if you give me $5billion I will invest all in Nigeria.” After his grandfather gave him capital to start his own business, he left Kano to Lagos to begin in trading of commodities, mainly cement. This was in 1977 and in 1981 he incorporated two companies. After sometime of operating in Nigeria he diversified his company into producing sugar, flour, salt, cement, cocoa, cashew nut and other agricultural products. He also put up agro processing companies to refine his products into finished goods to enable him add value to it. He also has plans to build a refinery that will be able to solve Nigeria’s demand for importing finished oil products although it is an oil producing country. Today, the Dangote Group accounts for 25% of Nigeria’s Stock Exchange, provides 60% of the Nigeria’s demand for sugar, employs over 20 000 employees and has established other companies in Ghana, Benin, Togo and others. Dangote basically engages in products that people demand everyday no matter how small that product may seem. He had know first class honours from any Ivy League university but he has made it and now provides thousands of jobs for some of whom would have added up to the many unemployed in Africa. He also undertakes other philanthropic activities to help those are deprived.
My name is Kotey and may we know that with hard work, integrity and perseverance we shall overcome and in becoming successful may we not forget to invest in our homelands for we are the very people who will build it.

Good morning.


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