A Word to the Wise

wisemanWhen you live in a kingdom where the king acquires a sword to protect himself against the subjects he governs despite him having the best of warriors at his disposal, and accepts a new chariot from a comrade and claims not to like chariots assembled in the Americas, the land discovered by Christopher Columbus, hence adds it to the pool of royal chariots in his palace; and where the law makers of that kingdom due to the fear of the unknown request for security in an upcoming public election to be determined by the civilians at the expense of the civilians; and also where the adjudicators in that kingdom give a judgement for the kingmakers to act, and the kingmakers become lackadaisical in carrying out the judgement, causing the adjudicators to fume, and another royal line which has legitimate access to the throne do not exhibit patience to see if the judgement can be carried out or not, rather begin to create a public opinion that it can’t, then when the day of enthronement comes and confusion erupts, for which all must not only pray against but stand up against, then know that the gods are not to blame but that it is all due to selfish and parochial interests for even a soothsayer need not consult the oracle over this.

My name is Kotey and I stand for TRUTH.
Good morning.


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