A Wednesday with Words

Words are very incredible and powerful. Your span of vocabulary grants you the ability to say one thing in many wonderful ways. Words are what poets use to create lovely poems; they are what writers use in telling their stories; and they are what novelists use in creating suspense. Words written down in a letter can cause SHS students to queue to see who got a feature; they are what guys use to con ladies; and they are what are used to make promises. Nonetheless, words are what are used in declaring wars; and they are what people use in telling lies. Despite the ability to say one thing in many ways, the truth can only be told in one way no matter the different kind of words we use. Truth has one meaning and words make this possible. Telling the truth makes you trustworthy and believable and always boosts your confidence. Truth makes individuals prosper and nations move forward. Never compromise in telling the truth for even if someone hates you for that, they will always point out in saying how truthful you are.
My name is Kotey and I say to you, God is Truth.
Good morning.


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