A Sad Story

sad storyThere is a supposed universal perception that should you gather everyone in the world and mix them up anyway anyhow, the resulting mixture, so far as it appears uniform, may be referred to as unity and that the resulting unity if not disturbed can be called peace. One day, in one of the capitals in Ghana I found myself in one of the popular means of transport sitting by a woman I deemed respectable until she began to speak. Her opinion was how can a Northerner be elected president of Ghana? She just couldn’t think far. When I sought to interrupt and inform her that she is not supposed to be saying that and that she’s being tribalistic, her first question was, am I a Northerner? The aftermath will just take my writing space so let me leave it to sleep. At another time too, a gentlemen sought to create a public opinion that Akuffo Addo belongs to a tribe that none of them can rule over a particular tribe because a powerful fetish priest who lived before modern Ghana gained independence said so, so he will never be president. Using these two people may vindicate a lot of us because we will not be saying such things. However, many more can be found guilty in their own way. Others have vowed not to marry people from particular tribes in Ghana whereas other have sworn not to step foot at certain places because they fear they won’t come back alive. Others too see some people as only troublemakers and always disturbing the peace in the country with their petty fights. Yes, this is the case of most of us yet the major religions in Ghana teach oneness. After Lee Kuan Yew visited Ghana and Nigeria he wrote that, in Nigeria there is a clear case of the south versus the north but in Ghana such a case doesn’t exist but there is clear evidence of ethnocentrism and if both countries do not address it development will be impossible. Decades after he wrote this, I’m sure many may argue he is right. There is a clear difference as to what ethnocentrism is and what ethno relativism is. The former creates in one person the superiority of his ethnic group whiles the latter creates in another equality of all ethnic groups.
My name is Kotey and may we not judge the whole due to the inability or shortcoming of one person for Ghana is strongest when we see ourselves as one people.
Good morning.


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