A Letter to My Missing Rib (Piece 3)

misribDear Favoured Rib,
I decided to write this last piece in my own hand so you see how handsome my handwriting is. Obviously, it’s nicer than any doctor’s handwriting which means I will pass any handwriting exam. Anyways, your reply to my last letter really set fire to my emotions making me want more of your love like how a drowning man craves for air. It was like setting fire to the rain and watching it blaze the more as the rain increase with intensity. Quoting you, you said “the most beautiful of all relationships is the one where both individuals love God first and more than themselves. For how can we claim to love each other, if not God who manifests his love through us?” You didn’t just hit the nail right on its head but you hit the nail right at the middle of its head. But then you asked how I am going to propose to you and I want you to know the nitty-gritty of it.
I may not propose to you with me on my knees whiles stretching towards you a diamond ring bought from Dubai. It may not also be that I will take you to the finest restaurant whiles I know there’s a very good chop bar joint at my area which can enable me save some coins. Also I may not put the ring into a glass of wine all in the name of being romantic whiles I know there’s agblikaklo for you to chew and feel the ring. The point I’m trying to make is proposals shouldn’t be solely about when and how it is done. What should matter most is the intention of the proposal. Proposals must be carried out with the intention of marriage and the goal of living together. It must be carried out after a careful thought and an inner conviction of a real future. It must not be done in haste. I by this do not say when and how one proposes doesn’t matter. It does but the priority must be set right. And with respect to how I’ll propose to you, you just wait for I wouldn’t even finish the process and you will be screaming yes. It wouldn’t just be romantic but damn romantic!
Indeed, the mathematical summation of our relationship will be equal to this: I’ll subtract my excuses, and with your added affection we will multiply our communication that nothing will divide our connection.
For love is an emotion driven by passion, carried out by an action and guided by wisdom. I await your soonest manifestation.
From Yours Truly, whose name is Kotey, with much love.
Good morning.


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