A Letter to My Missing Rib (Piece 2)

misDear Favoured Rib,
I was shocked by how fast you replied my letter. Indeed technology has made things easier in our days and I apologise for me taking 7 days to reply. I could observe your romantic prowess in your letter and in fact, how you painted pictures with words got me flying like Peter Pan without wings especially the part you talked about when we turn off the lights. Don’t worry, I’m a patient guy and I will be soft and gentle with all the requisite gymnastics. As you mentioned, ‘marriage is the best place for romance’, hence there will be no bomborasculus things in our relationship.
However, what caught my attention is when you asked me if I will asked for reduction in your bride price if your parents gave me the list that I should fulfill before getting married to you. You also asked if I will let you do all the chores at home. In this letter I write to you my stand.
First and foremost, you are not a product to be purchased neither an item to be bought nor are you part of goods for sale. Bride price shouldn’t be a means to riches for the family. It will then mean that you were brought up to fulfill a business venture. Also it shouldn’t be too low so as to mean you were not valued. If your parents wouldn’t mind us having the wedding under the nim tree in my house with all the goats and fowls roaming as observers, then no worries, I will pay all the amount they ask and if they expect us not to have anything to start life and give their grandchildren a good foundation then it wouldn’t be a problem. But this will be a very big problem since it will mean we are playing with the lives of our children. I trust that the bride price is token given to a family in appreciation of the lady they brought up and as to whether I will ask for reduction or not, I trust your parents know better, hence I will not.
Furthermore, talking about the chores at home, we are a union and everything must be shared. We must not share only ourselves in our bed when we go to bed. We will do everything together and that will make us even bond more. You have no cause to worry. Marriage is not a place to enslave a woman in the name of the man being the head of the family. It is a place where we will share ideas and see what is in the best interest of us since no one man is custodian of all knowledge.
For love is an emotion driven by passion, carried out by an action and guided by wisdom. I await your soonest response.

From Yours Truly, whose name is Kotey, with much love.
Good morning.


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