A Letter to My Missing Rib (Piece 1)

loveletterDear Favoured Rib,
This dawn as I sat in bed, I wondered how a tico car fitted with one tire of a tipper truck would look like if one of its tires was missing and needed replacement. Awkward, right? It’s the same way with getting a partner for life hence I want you to know in this letter what I hope you are.
I don’t want you to be perfect before I get in a relationship with you. I want you to be the one to help me make things perfect in our relationship. I wouldn’t mind if you are fat or slim, so far as you are happy with how you look, I’m just fine. But if I can suggest a way to make you look better please don’t be angry. The fact that someone is slim doesn’t mean the person is fit and healthy neither does it mean someone fat is not. Nonetheless, study shows that if you are fat now, you should try and lose weight to avoid complications during old age. If it turns out you’re fat, don’t worry. We will go on walks together, run together, be in the gym together, and of cause ‘mmmhm’ together. And to talk about your physical endowment with features, so far as there’s a clear distinction between what is what and what isn’t, you’re good to go. This is because, when we grow old and the firm foundations become weak causing these things to hang lose, I’m still going to love you.
But then what if you have tribal marks coming down cheeks like marks made from a tiger? Still do not be let down. Tribal marks have no effect on your personality but rather it shows the pride of identifying you with where you come from. Please do not attempt any plastic surgery to erase the mark for just as the tribal mark is a permanent indication on your physical body, so will my love be in our relationship. Simply permanent.
Nevertheless, never attempt to bleach your skin. I have seen enough of Bukom Banku. Whether you are black as the colour itself, white as baby powder, or yellow like mango, I’ll be okay with it. We should be proud of our skin colour.
Lastly, on your makeup. Please I like makeup, ‘cos it enhances one’s beauty. But don’t apply it to the extent that the one I see in the morning is different from the one I see at night. Otherwise I’ll always cover my face with the pillow. If you don’t put on makeup at all too, it’s just perfect.
For love is an emotion driven by passion, carried out by an action and guided by wisdom. I await your soonest response.

From Yours Truly, whose name is Kotey, with much love.
Good morning.


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