A Cause for Concern or a Case of Overhype?

mo ibraThe Mo Ibrahim Foundation for the 2nd time in row has not found any suitable African leader who left office in the past three years to honour him with the most prestigious award in the world, perhaps in terms of amount. Since its inception in 2007, the foundation has only given out four (4) awards in its annual event and in most cases found no one ‘fit’ to honour. Some argue that it is not even necessary to award African leaders who, in the first place, are likely to be richer or perhaps become secret billionaires by the time they leave office due to their corrupt acts. Some say Mo Ibrahim, the Sudanese business tycoon, is wasting his money and should rather be donating it to charity than giving it to leaders who have access to their central banks and grants from the western world. But the integrity of the foundation cannot be questioned, neither the committee set out to nominate an out gone leader for the award. Paraphrasing, some of the criteria for selection include the leader must be democratically elected, provide equal opportunity for development and prosperity and show unparalleled leadership across the continent. It is indeed a cause of concern that across the African continent no out gone head of state fits these criteria. Some say the foundation has raised the bar too high for the leaders to get the award. If that holds, then it means our leaders have also not raised leadership to a level of unparallel leadership and creating equal opportunity for development and prosperity in their countries. I guess then, that is why most of our nations in Africa are where they are today, due to leadership inabilities.
My name is Kotey, and I look towards a day that the Mo Ibrahim Foundation will find so many nominees that they may even be challenged as to whom to give the award due to excellence in leadership as a new generation of leaders rise. But it begins with me and you.
Good morning.


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