The growing spate of murder in Ghana has gradually crept into our way of life. The rate at which the high and low in society are killed has indeed become alarming. Almost every week someone is murdered. In many societies in the west, a way curbing crime is to employ the use of technology like cctv cameras and trained personnel to monitor the streets whiles the police patrol the community ensuring law and order. There is also a traffic management system which prevents the use of policemen as traffic regulators. Employing such model will also help us so as to allow the few policemen we have to be able to respond to crime more swiftly. Also the settlement layout must be improved to enable easy access to places as the police find it difficult locating places. Above all, when political persons commit crime, they should prosecuted without fear or favour as it will serve as deterrent unto others. Many feel they are being shielded by the powers that be. A trustworthy judiciary will also boost people’s confidence in the judicial system.A safe Ghana is possible if we work towards it, devoid of political influence.
My name is Kotey. Good morning.


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