A Rose for Atswɛi (Verse 3)

atsweiAtswɛi’s mother’s gingered anger and gaze generated genuine growling in the guts of Kotey. The view of her virgin daughter being vilified by this voracious villain rapes her conscience without the use of any contraceptives and nothing can vindicate them both. Her hands are on her waist above her hips as she taps her feet, but not to the beat of any track. Atswɛi was the first to speak. “Maa it’s not what you think. I was just…” She was cut right there by her mother “of cause it’s not what I think. It’s what I saw. Oh so now you know what I’m thinking eh??” Kotey cleared his throat to comment and said in a shaky voice “Maa I was just trying to whisper something to your daughter. Nothing demonic.” Furious Atswɛi’s mother replied “kwɛ Owula, kaafee buulu. What do you take me for??” Disappointed and feeling very sad for Kotey, Atswɛi uttered “Oh Maa…” “Oh fiii” replied Atswɛi’s mother. The kenkey now was getting cold, Kotey was now sober, not bold, and Atswɛi’s visible red eyes started to bring out sweat from her bald head cooling her heart. In this state of despair, Atswɛi asked her mother, “So Maa will u marry me? Why is it that you keep pushing all the guys I know or who happen to have interest in me away? Is it that you think I’m not beautiful enough or because I’m bald I shouldn’t get a suitor?” The last line caught her mother unguarded and her face became jon. “Aaoo I’m sorry my child. It’s not that. I just want the best for you. Please forgive me.” As of now Atswɛi’s tears were rolling down her cheeks and her mom got close to give her a motherly hug as Atswɛi placed her head on her breast crying all she could into the space between those two hills. Atswɛi’s mother now was about shedding tears and Kotey with the boldness of Samson approached the two feminine females, holding them both in his arms, as they placed their heads on his broad chest and wept all their tears. Comforting them, Kotey whispered “All is well” and kissed the bald head of Atswɛi producing a sound so loud. Atswɛi’s mother lifted her head with look so fierce and said “kwɛ Owula.” And they lived happily ever after all because of a ball of kenkey.

The End

A verse by Kotey

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nothingNothing is something that is known. Nothing is something that one can have. Nothing is a choice we make when actually there is something. Nothing can be possessed when you choose it as an inheritance. Nothing cannot be seen, cannot be touched, and cannot be felt but can be accomplished. Nothing is simply NOTHING and nothing else. Even a vacuum is something in a place which has nothing and plays a significant role in keeping the universe balanced. Nothing, my brother, is NOTHING.

My name is Kotey and I choose to succeed on something by doing actual things and taking actual steps to achieve actual goals which in effect are not nothing but something. What about you?

Good morning.

The Best Way to Succeed

patrickIn this true and epic story, a man once lived in a country not far from the equator. A very bright young man who after having secondary education continued his education in the West. After a few years, he graduated part of the top people in his class, something he is used to. After he graduated from Swarthmore College in the US, Microsoft came calling and after 10 hours of interview, he landed his job. After almost a decade of programming and doing all the computer-related things at Microsoft, he decided to relocate to his home country to start a Software company. He realised that the people he employed at the time lacked practical skill and only filled with theory. He decided that instead of creating this software company I will rather create a university that will turn things round in equipping students with the technical knowhow and ever ready for the job market. But before he built his university, he offered an MBA program at the University of Berkeley to learn how organisations function. He finally began the university in rented building in 2002 with 30 students and till he had his own land he had rented at least 10 other buildings. He told his friends to invest in a not—for-profit university but they can’t have shares in it and they did. He built an expensive university for the poor with talent. With $300,000 seed money his built his university and it has had an employment rate of 100%. His name is Patrick Awuah, founder of Ashesi University and he sought not to succeed alone, but create success for many more that will come after him.

My name is Kotey and the best way to succeed is creating the same opportunity, if not better, for others to also make it in life when you become blessed by God as a result of your hard work and perseverance.

Good morning.

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Bring Back Our Lights

But seriously the light off dey bore waa. No warning naa then fui light out. But a closer look at the Chinese energy sector would reveal careful planning with foresight from the leaders who handle their energy sector. One would see that they have a goal in mind and a self actualisation point they want to reach. For instance, let’s take a look at their solar energy sector. As of 2015, they had 43 gigawatt installed capacity of solar power. Ghana’s total energy capacity is about 2700 megawatt. To those of us who may not understand this, what it means is that, if you take china’s solar power and you divide it by ten and then divide the answer u get by 2, you get what the whole Ghana has installed. Abi you naa you see sey we dey slack? By the way, this energy doesn’t include their hydropower, thermal, nuclear, and china phones….lol…it’s just solar. So where did our leaders pass? No, it wasn’t the N1 Highway, neither the Kwame Nkrumah Interchange under construction that seems to be a campaign message. If China was able to add almost 20 000 lytmegawatts to their solar energy in one year, that is from 2014 to 2015, and for us 400 megawatt after which is televised on national television that it is being shipped from whichever country becomes expensive and unreliable then my brothers and sisters, it is not that rains don’t fall but to me the solution is just being deprived us.

My name is Kotey and right now what we need is a solution to this problem and not the political talk of how long it has been with us.

Good morning.

Tale of Tales

chrOnce a pastor lived with one of his church workers in the same house and the worker who wasn’t an elder did all the work there is to perform at the church. He would wake up at dawn and make all the preparations and keep the place clean and tidy. One day, it happened that the daughter of the pastor fell ill and had to be rushed to the hospital. This worker took the lady and got for her a good hospital to be treated and he paid for all the charges. He was a kind gentleman that was a role model for many. After a long while, it happened that this worker passed on to the world after here, where the body can’t be. He appeared before heaven’s gate and all the books were checked. In the book of Kindness, his name was ever present. No long things, first page, first line, first name. The same was the scenario for the book of Goodness, Love, Compassion and all other books. Now was the turn of the book of life. Come see how the angel was sweating flipping the pages. I’m not sure it was the one called Michael but he looked familiar to the other angels. He even asked for water at some point. After going through the book seven times he told the man, “please your name is not in the book of Life so u don’t belong here.” Immediately two creatures came to carry him to the ‘other side’ where he belonged. He wept saying “but my name is in all the other books, why not just I be pardoned and lemme enter?” the angel replied “this is the most important book there is and your name not being part means you’re not allowed here.”

My name is Kotey, and brethren may we know that in the end what is most important is not our seeming righteousness before men but our uprightness before God which will be seen in our live styles onto others.

Good morning.

A Rose for Atswɛi (Verse 2)

atsweiThe kenkey kindled Kotey’s knack to keenly kow-tow like a king thirsting for khebab as Atswei kindly blushed knowing Kotey’s killing desire for a kiss. “A ball of kenkey goes for 1 cedi and the fish you see arranged is also 1 cedi” said Atswɛi. But Kotey only had 2 cedis to spend for the rest of the day and the weekend ahead and buying one kenkey and one fish won’t satisfy him, neither will 2 balls. But that’s all he’s got and he also wants to make advances on this damsel. Yet what he didn’t know was that Ga girls are very patient and can decipher the intention before you speak it out. When Atswɛi smiled at him as she saw the difficulty he was in his eyes rolled backwards as he was ‘dying inside’ for the beauty he now beheld became a goddess. Just then he began to confess like he was before a priest of the Catholic Church during confession time. He burst out saying “please I only have 2 cedis for today and the weekend and if I dare buy with all this money I don’t even know what I’ll eat tomorrow and….” Atswei had already sensed the desperation and using customer care antics inherited from generations before her, she touched his chest and said “please don’t worry, I will be willing to give it to you on credit or you just take it free for today so that next time when you have money you can get as much as you want.” But then the first touch on his chest made her feel a strong beat as his heart pounced, the beat gave her, her first shock, and shock gave her her first crush and the crush made her fall in love. As if being pushed by a button, they both started to lean towards each other and then all of a sudden from nowhere, Atswɛi’s mom shouted “Kwɛ Atswɛi!”

To be continued….

A Verse by Kotey

Que Sera Sera: What Will Be Will Be

bngThe saying is basically a transliteration from Spanish/French to English. Its root and how and when it was first used is highly debatable but originates from Latin. It has also been adopted by some prominent families in the past as a family motto. It became a worldwide slang after the release of the movie “The Man Who Knew Too Much” in which it was introduced as a song in the year 1956. Sadly, many people as a result of this saying have had the belief that no matter what, even if they do nothing, ‘what will be will be.’ But how can one pass an exam without studying? How can one succeed without working hard? How can anyone go on a journey without travelling to the place? Many a man have develop lackadaisical attitudes because of this saying and have missed what would have been their life time breakthrough, success, promotion, and their best pair for marriage. Yes marriage. Many do not even put an effort into sustaining a relationship and will wish for things to fall in place. Even magic needs a wizard to perform it! Others will also wish for breakthroughs in their lives through means far more miraculous than miracle as they sit at one place without lifting a finger. It is not enough to pray. Prayer answers all things, yes. but we must work in the direction we pray by putting in effort for even when Manna fell from heaven, the Israelites had to ‘move out’ and collect it and then put it through their buccal cavities to masticate it, and then swallow it to be satisfied. It is always better to attempt and fail because then you succeeded in trying.

My name is Kotey and may we fight for what we rightly want and deserve, even if it is love, with a strong spirit for even Christ had to come and die for man for him to gain salvation and didn’t sit on his throne and say to himself ’what will be will be.’

Good morning.