Things She Did For Love [Final Episode]


When Charles left Akosua’s end into the dark night as his eyes flowed uncontrollably with tears, his thoughts were messed up to the extent that he nearly greeted a goat which was roaming ‘Good evening’. His heart has been broken by a loved one he never dated, a wife he never married. Life has never been crueller to him than this moment he caught a yet-to-be friend cheating in their relationship.

When he left, Akosua in disappointment asked Prof. Amuzu to walk out. She has never been this raged at him that he offered to do whatever it takes to please her. Prof. Amuzu was the first to utter a word.

Prof. Amuzu: What at all can that boy, Charles, offer you that I can’t? I even do more than he can try to do.

Akosua: It’s not just things that must keep me happy. I must be in love with anyone who loves me.

Prof. Amuzu: so are you saying you don’t love me? I even take care of you as if you were my own daughter.

Akosua: you see that’s the point. ‘As if I’m your own daughter’….so tell me, would you sleep with your own daughter?

Prof. Amuazu: what? Where is this coming from?

Akosua: yes, tell me, would you sleep with your own daughter? Don’t get me wrong. I like you, but not in a way that I will be your concubine, but in a way a daughter will be to his father. Now please get up and walk out and don’t ever come close to me again.

The bad, shameless, grown, grey-bearded, bald old man with a stern look walked out of the room smashing the door, as he walked out. Akosua locked the door and burst into tears like a child who has lost her toffee. With mixed up emotions, she gingered herself, opened the door and ran out, chasing after her love. Her senses didn’t sense she was in her nightgown but only powered her legs to run after Charles who was perching under a tree wiping his tears.

When she noticed Charles from a distance, she called out his name and he turned in slow motion not sure if the voice he heard was that of Akosua or of the angel who spoke to Joseph in the dream to get back to Mary, the mother of Jesus.

Time stood still as they stared at themselves twenty feet apart. Akosua was the first to speak saying “I’m sorry”. And as if watching a telenova, they ran towards each other. Charles hugged her and lifted her up into the night sky tempted to taste the lips of the virgin girl, but Prof. Amuzu’s lips was all he saw. The rain started to drizzle and they drew closer to each other and their lips even closer. But then something happened.

Prof. Amuzu wasn’t gone for he does not give up easily. He drove his car right to where the couple were having their ‘quite time’. He got out and threatened Akosua but Charles was more muscular than he and only dared him to lay a finger on her. Feeling intimidated by the physical structure of Charles he walked away with his tail in-between his legs. He went away in his shameless state and never dared again.

As the relationship with Charles progressed steadily, Akosua introduced him to her mom. She was sceptical at first but later accepted him into the family for he was a gentleman. Charles had made known to Akosua that he will not ‘touch’ her until they marry. He defined the sort of relationship he wanted from the onset and this helped them as they went forward.

Two years after they graduated, they arranged for their wedding at the beach. It was a sight that all wanted to see. Many had come to see the man who ‘stole’ Akosua’s heart without being called a thief. Akosua’s mom was very happy, for her prayers has been answered.

They exchanged vows and it got to the most important part that Charles had waited all his life for. Then the priest said it. He said to Charles, “you may kiss the bride”. Remembering that night under the tree where he wished he had done it but didn’t because of principle, he loosened his tie and gathered momentum. He held Akosua’s waist and leaned towards her as he dropped her slightly to the ground with his other hand on her neck. With that move, everyone applauded the fine-looking gentleman though he had not yet kissed the bride.

Just then, a white dove, as if sent by the gods, which hovered on top of their heads released two drops of droppings and by divine intervention landed exactly on the page where I was writing. So I looked up and smiled. There and then, I realised I had to stop, for people who are underage may be reading.

My name is Kotey. Thank you for reading.

The End.

Oh, but then they lived not happily ever after, but learnt to endure happy and sad moments thereafter.


4 thoughts on “Things She Did For Love [Final Episode]

  1. Edwin, it’s a gud story bt I think their reconciliation happened too fast. bt in all de expression n content were brilliant.


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