Things She Did for Love [Eps. 5]

picHer tailored dress held tightly and tightened her physique to tell a tale of a tactfully trimmed and tremendous yet terrific figure with the trepidation of tactically tantalising toddlers. Her face, smoothened not from the application of makeup, but from the use of her grandmother’s powder, which was gotten not from the colonial masters sealed the microscopic pores on her face making it perfect like polished furniture. Her smile which puffed up her cheek as she stood in front of her mirror gave her hope, not letting the confrontation with Charles spoil her mood for the day.

As the day grew older by the second, she had three calls from Prof. Amuzu always calling to check upon her and asking how lectures had gone. This created within her a sense of acceptance and care and realised Prof. Amuzu was very caring. He made the effort to arrange lunch for her and got her a ride back to her room after lectures. This soon became a norm between them.

A week later, the lecturer-student relationship had graduated to become a more casual association between the two pals. They frequented parties and attended occasions like they were groom and bride. But Prof. Amuzu was a professional and knew that their relationship should be carried out not on campus or during lectures.

In the meantime, Charles had not been forgotten but he has not been seen by Akosua. She tried all the places she hoped to find him but didn’t see him. She felt too ashamed to go to his room and find him. Her zeal to continue looking for him went down gradually and was eventually quenched as for over month now she has not set eyes on him to apologise.

But to Charles she can’t be forgotten. Charles had given up on hope but prayed for a miracle to turn her loved one’s heart around. He got to know of her birthday for it was public knowledge and everyone was getting ready.

During her birthday on October 6, she was treated like a prom queen by almost every guy who had come in contact with her. Her gifts were more than she could take and she had to literally place some on her bed. Prof. Amuzu was the last killer and indeed he had hoped to kill it in the last-minute, and that he did. His gift proved that he earned an income, a descent one indeed.

With courage Charles left his room to Akosua’s end. As Charles knocked on the door, it swung wide open for it was neither closed nor shut. He saw at that moment the lips of Prof. Amuzu intertwined in that of Akosua. Akosua’s eyes met his and like a thief caught in the act she was disappointed in herself. Charles stood there in shock holding the birthday card which he had borrowed money to buy for his loved one. Obviously, his heart has been put on the tip of a sharp blade and Prof. Amuzu is pushing it down making it bleed with the sufferings of love. He placed the card at the door and walked away into the night made darker by the forming clouds and the rain began to fall not from the sky but from his eyes.

To be continued….


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