Things She Did for Love [Eps. 4]

picCharles could not believe what he was hearing. He had tried the number for more than two hours and he still does not understand how this could be possible. He thought there was already a connection between Akosua and him. “I must visit her tomorrow” he said.

In the meantime, Prof. Amuzu was having such a romantic time with Akosua. This bad, shameless, grown, grey-bearded, bald old man had turned the ‘extra classes’ with Akosua into a date night and he is feeling all youthful. He had lit candles with yellow flame in strategic positions in his apartment which made it look like sunset. He played Adelle’s ‘Hello’ on a soft note which could puncture the heart of any soul looking for love. Akosua was a bit uncomfortable for Prof. Amuzu’s sweat on his forehead was a testimony of the heat he was on.

Akosua: But Prof. Amuzu, I thought I was here for you to help me with the assignment. But it seems it is for a different reason.

Prof. Amuzu: Well there is no reason. It is all about your assignment. But please, when we are together just call me Bra Amuzu. After all age is just a number.

One way or the other she managed to escape the den of Prof. Amuzu without being devoured by his audacious desire. Her assignment was completed for her and marked for her there and then. She did not have to present any the following week.

When morning came and the sun was still trying to climb the sky, Charles was already at Akosua’s door knocking for a response. Last night seemed like a decade for he was not able to sleep. He was stirring at his ceiling for answers that could not even be provided by the ancient Greek gods. After knocking for a little while, Akosua opened the door and their conversation began.

Akosua: Yes, how may I help you?

Charles: it’s me, Charles. I tried your number yesterday but it wasn’t going through so I decided to pass by and say hello in person.

Akosua: like seriously? You think because we bumped into each other it gives you the right to my number eh?

Charles: but i…

Akosua [interrupts]: but what? See, if you have nothing doing just go and read your bible and stop bothering me.

Charles [obviously shocked]: ah!

Akosua: Ah s3n?? Now please excuse me and let me continue with my sleep.

Akosua slammed her door as Charles stood there in shock. His thoughts were jumbled like engineering math equations and he could not believe the angel he met just yesterday has become as bitter as bile. He spent an additional hour standing by door not knowing whether to leave or knock again.

Back in the village, Charles was being forced to get married to a lady he doesn’t love. His parents have done everything possible to get him that particular lady all because that lady will claim inheritance to the largest farm in the village. The lady’s parents also wanted to betroth their daughter to Charles because he was hardworking and respectful. But on that day of registration when he set eyes on Akosua, he was convinced he has seen the light he has been seeking after since childhood. So he was confused as to whether the revelation he saw was an imagination or a mirage.

Although Akosua slammed door, she did not leave. She leaned against the door and just could not believe what she had said to the first person she has ever felt something for. The memory of people pointing fingers at her for not having a father still haunted her and she did not want to commit to anything that will let her be like her mother. Also the little time she spent with Prof. Amuzu has made her feel loved and important by a man for the first time. Is she confused or is she doing what is right for herself?

To be continued…..


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