Things She Did for Love [Eps. 3]


In the last episode we got know of how Charles’s testicles started shrinking and Akosua’s left breast was seen moving as her heart pulsated against her chest when their eyes met. The story continues…..

As Charles testicles shrunk, his ‘bra kwaku’ resurrected. Not from the dead but in his trousers as it sought to defy the laws of gravity yet obeying the principle of the law of floatation proposed by Archimedes. He had to use his bag to cover his front to prevent an obvious stare from the crowd which giggled at him. Akosua’s smile was all over the place and her white teeth reflected in his eyes and she knew that he knew her feeling has cracked out of the shell.

When Charles said hello and apologised for the bumping in into her, Akosua could hear nothing but fantasize over the firmness of his voice which complimented his well-built body. She mellowed like a teddy bear dipped in water for two minutes.

“Errm don’t worry” she said, “it wasn’t your fault. It was errmm…it was a fortunate accident.”

“I wouldn’t disagree. It was indeed a serendipity.” replied Charles and they both gave a laugh. He continued “As odd as this may sound, truth is, your sight saturates a sea of splendorous sanctified sensation inside of me and me asking your name will only begin a journey to an obvious destination called ‘asking you out’.”

Akosua was just stunned by the bluntness of this guy who went straight to the point. She just could only affirm by saying “well my heart palpitates and my headaches with this feeling I certainly fake. I do care what it takes and what I make or break. I will be willing to keep you in my eternal ribcage to keep us both forever engaged if we progress steadily. But first we must be friends and get to know each other.”

Charles couldn’t disagree more. But then something happened.

All the while, Akosua’s lecturer who happened to notice her beauty during the 10 minutes lecture was looking on as the love birds were happy as though it were summer in the Garden of Eden. He unconsciously began frowning and anger began boiling in him. He approached the couple and started his own conversation with Akosua interrupting abruptly the ongoing dialogue.

The lecturer, Prof. Amuzu, offered his services to help Akosua through the assignment he had given to them earlier. But Prof. Amuzu’s intention was obvious. He comes like thief in the night to steal, kill and destroy the chances of Charles who still was around. Akosua too needed help because she had no idea how to do the assignment. She accepted to meet the lecturer who made her aware that he will be willing to assist her in all areas ranging from academics to whatever she wants. Yes, where whatever means whatever.

When Prof. Amuzu left, silence was present amongst them. They stared at themselves for a while and began talking. They got to know of what one was reading at the university, where the other stays and exchanged contacts after which they left the scene.

When Charles got to his room later the evening, he literally started jumping and shouting in excitement. In fact, he was nearly prayed for. He got to the bathroom to freshen up. Whiles there, he sang E.L’s ‘KOKO’ in obvious delight preparing his mind for the first call. After bathing, he put on his best cologne and wore his finest shirt, neatly ironed, as if for an interview. He sat at their balcony to make what will be the most incredible call ever. His palms were sweating and he cleared his throat constantly. How could he feel so nervous? He just couldn’t imagine why. Finally he dialled the number. When he dialled the number, a familiar voice said: “The number you have dialled is incorrect. Please check and dial again”.

You should have seen the look on his face!

To be continued…


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