Things She Did for Love [Eps. 2]

picIn the last episode we got to know of how Akosua Dugan grew up and how she didn’t know her father. She has also met this gentleman who stares at her with his jaws open and his saliva is almost touching the ground. His name is Charles. The story continues….

As Charles stared at Akosua, the afternoon became midnight and the hot sun became like falling rain as his sweat soaked his shirt. This was no ordinary sweat like the ones he is used to on the fields. He has never felt lonely among many people and never has he seen many faces to be the same. As the gods of his ancestors may have it, today they appeared as a vessel in a human being that was no goddess but was capable of enchanting men without a spell.

He quickly snapped out of his trance and went about his registration. He must have prayed a different kind of prayer the night before as he went to bed. He succeeded in finishing up for the day and got to his hostel.

The following week when lectures began, Akosua had her head on the desk till the lecturer came to class. She had forgotten all about the guy who was staring at her. After all, it was normal for her to witness such occurrences. The lecture that day was short, just an introduction. It was now 10am and she decided to grab a snack at the stand nearest her class. She however wondered why the lecturer after not really doing any teaching would still give them an assignment to go and research on. She had no idea on what to do. Her imagined freedom in the university has been curtailed by her first lecture!

As she reached out for her snack and stepped out of the line, Charles was scraping his coins out of his pockets to get some sachet water. They bumped into each other and his coins went about flying on the ground. They were four five pesewas, making 20 pesewas. As the people around giggled at Charles, Akosua, not realising he was the guy from the last encounter, helped him locate his coins. When they both reached out to each other, her dark blue eyes met his.

Immediately, Charles felt his testicles shrink in size sending a ticklish feeling through him. Akosua’s heart pounced on her chest and one could literally see her left breast move. She has never felt such a feeling stronger than lightning. Just then, she lost track of herself and as she was listening to Wisa’s track, she whispered to his hearing “Ekiki me”.

To be continued……




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