Things She Did for Love [Eps. 4]

picCharles could not believe what he was hearing. He had tried the number for more than two hours and he still does not understand how this could be possible. He thought there was already a connection between Akosua and him. “I must visit her tomorrow” he said.

In the meantime, Prof. Amuzu was having such a romantic time with Akosua. This bad, shameless, grown, grey-bearded, bald old man had turned the ‘extra classes’ with Akosua into a date night and he is feeling all youthful. He had lit candles with yellow flame in strategic positions in his apartment which made it look like sunset. He played Adelle’s ‘Hello’ on a soft note which could puncture the heart of any soul looking for love. Akosua was a bit uncomfortable for Prof. Amuzu’s sweat on his forehead was a testimony of the heat he was on.

Akosua: But Prof. Amuzu, I thought I was here for you to help me with the assignment. But it seems it is for a different reason.

Prof. Amuzu: Well there is no reason. It is all about your assignment. But please, when we are together just call me Bra Amuzu. After all age is just a number.

One way or the other she managed to escape the den of Prof. Amuzu without being devoured by his audacious desire. Her assignment was completed for her and marked for her there and then. She did not have to present any the following week.

When morning came and the sun was still trying to climb the sky, Charles was already at Akosua’s door knocking for a response. Last night seemed like a decade for he was not able to sleep. He was stirring at his ceiling for answers that could not even be provided by the ancient Greek gods. After knocking for a little while, Akosua opened the door and their conversation began.

Akosua: Yes, how may I help you?

Charles: it’s me, Charles. I tried your number yesterday but it wasn’t going through so I decided to pass by and say hello in person.

Akosua: like seriously? You think because we bumped into each other it gives you the right to my number eh?

Charles: but i…

Akosua [interrupts]: but what? See, if you have nothing doing just go and read your bible and stop bothering me.

Charles [obviously shocked]: ah!

Akosua: Ah s3n?? Now please excuse me and let me continue with my sleep.

Akosua slammed her door as Charles stood there in shock. His thoughts were jumbled like engineering math equations and he could not believe the angel he met just yesterday has become as bitter as bile. He spent an additional hour standing by door not knowing whether to leave or knock again.

Back in the village, Charles was being forced to get married to a lady he doesn’t love. His parents have done everything possible to get him that particular lady all because that lady will claim inheritance to the largest farm in the village. The lady’s parents also wanted to betroth their daughter to Charles because he was hardworking and respectful. But on that day of registration when he set eyes on Akosua, he was convinced he has seen the light he has been seeking after since childhood. So he was confused as to whether the revelation he saw was an imagination or a mirage.

Although Akosua slammed door, she did not leave. She leaned against the door and just could not believe what she had said to the first person she has ever felt something for. The memory of people pointing fingers at her for not having a father still haunted her and she did not want to commit to anything that will let her be like her mother. Also the little time she spent with Prof. Amuzu has made her feel loved and important by a man for the first time. Is she confused or is she doing what is right for herself?

To be continued…..


Things She Did for Love [Eps. 3]


In the last episode we got know of how Charles’s testicles started shrinking and Akosua’s left breast was seen moving as her heart pulsated against her chest when their eyes met. The story continues…..

As Charles testicles shrunk, his ‘bra kwaku’ resurrected. Not from the dead but in his trousers as it sought to defy the laws of gravity yet obeying the principle of the law of floatation proposed by Archimedes. He had to use his bag to cover his front to prevent an obvious stare from the crowd which giggled at him. Akosua’s smile was all over the place and her white teeth reflected in his eyes and she knew that he knew her feeling has cracked out of the shell.

When Charles said hello and apologised for the bumping in into her, Akosua could hear nothing but fantasize over the firmness of his voice which complimented his well-built body. She mellowed like a teddy bear dipped in water for two minutes.

“Errm don’t worry” she said, “it wasn’t your fault. It was errmm…it was a fortunate accident.”

“I wouldn’t disagree. It was indeed a serendipity.” replied Charles and they both gave a laugh. He continued “As odd as this may sound, truth is, your sight saturates a sea of splendorous sanctified sensation inside of me and me asking your name will only begin a journey to an obvious destination called ‘asking you out’.”

Akosua was just stunned by the bluntness of this guy who went straight to the point. She just could only affirm by saying “well my heart palpitates and my headaches with this feeling I certainly fake. I do care what it takes and what I make or break. I will be willing to keep you in my eternal ribcage to keep us both forever engaged if we progress steadily. But first we must be friends and get to know each other.”

Charles couldn’t disagree more. But then something happened.

All the while, Akosua’s lecturer who happened to notice her beauty during the 10 minutes lecture was looking on as the love birds were happy as though it were summer in the Garden of Eden. He unconsciously began frowning and anger began boiling in him. He approached the couple and started his own conversation with Akosua interrupting abruptly the ongoing dialogue.

The lecturer, Prof. Amuzu, offered his services to help Akosua through the assignment he had given to them earlier. But Prof. Amuzu’s intention was obvious. He comes like thief in the night to steal, kill and destroy the chances of Charles who still was around. Akosua too needed help because she had no idea how to do the assignment. She accepted to meet the lecturer who made her aware that he will be willing to assist her in all areas ranging from academics to whatever she wants. Yes, where whatever means whatever.

When Prof. Amuzu left, silence was present amongst them. They stared at themselves for a while and began talking. They got to know of what one was reading at the university, where the other stays and exchanged contacts after which they left the scene.

When Charles got to his room later the evening, he literally started jumping and shouting in excitement. In fact, he was nearly prayed for. He got to the bathroom to freshen up. Whiles there, he sang E.L’s ‘KOKO’ in obvious delight preparing his mind for the first call. After bathing, he put on his best cologne and wore his finest shirt, neatly ironed, as if for an interview. He sat at their balcony to make what will be the most incredible call ever. His palms were sweating and he cleared his throat constantly. How could he feel so nervous? He just couldn’t imagine why. Finally he dialled the number. When he dialled the number, a familiar voice said: “The number you have dialled is incorrect. Please check and dial again”.

You should have seen the look on his face!

To be continued…

Inspiration Thursday (#3)

inspirer1The bleats of the goats banished the beautiful silence from the compound as though the midnight silence had been barbaric to them. The birds which perched on the nearby branches were also employing their highest decibel in chirping as if they were in competition with the ruminants. The fowls ran helter-skelter as the male cock chased after the gorgeous mother hen to mate with it. All these could have been a distraction, yet Amina sat unperturbed in the barn that was their kitchen. The smell of the food she prepared kept her father’s dog close and the cats even closer.

Amina was the only female child of her parents and at age 15 she had to stop school to help in the upkeep of the home when her mother died. She barely will pass for someone that age because her development through adolescence has been quite stupendous. She now has five brothers to take care of and as their father ages and weakens by the second, she realises that if nature will again be cruel as it were, then her father will leave her sooner than she thinks

Amina’s father happened to have gone away for a number of years in the city. He lived and worked as a driver for a business woman who owned a group of companies. As their relationship grew, Amina’s father grew fond of the woman, and she too of him. The relationship grew from being business to cordial then to being sexual. Friday nights was their way of keeping in touch at Golden Tulip and he always looked forward to it.

One day as he was driving, he felt uneasy and informed his mistress on the need to visit the hospital. He took a number of tests and was asked to return the following week for his results. That weekend he went to the village for the first time in many years and met his wife. The whole family was happy to have him around. He told them of tales told only to children in the city known as bedtime stories. He never mentioned to his wife the sought of relationship he was having with his boss.

After he returned, to his chagrin, he was told that he had acquired the HIV virus through unprotected sex. His boss also has acquired the same virus. He now was carrying his head in his hands regretting all the ‘good’ times with his boss. Interestingly, the boss was not perturbed because she had enough money to get access to proper treatment and care. She also had to relieve him of his duties as she didn’t see him fit for the job anymore.

The week Amina’s father got home he had laid with his wife in bed and unknowingly affected his wife with the virus. This was what killed Amina’s mother more quickly than the husband who gave it to her. Now he is bedridden and can barely eat his own meal by himself.

Amina did not despise her dad although he had brought such a calamity home. She catered for him as though her dad was her own son. Her care for him was the love she had unconditionally for everyone. She still managed to take care of the home and of her other siblings.

She managed to also see her five other brothers through junior high school while she took on petty trading and household cleaning as a job. Occasionally she also purchased pure water to sell to meet up with the demands of the household. Though she dropped out of her school, perhaps due to obvious circumstances, she served as a role model to her siblings and her hard work was enviable by all.

Few months later her father died and there was no one in the extended family willing to take them in. She was an outcast who had fingers pointed at her like she was the HIV itself. But she remained headstrong and prevailed through the storms of life.

Her zeal for school made her see her brothers through school successfully. She later became an AIDS ambassador in her community when the AIDS commission visited her vicinity. Because she had had her experience with her dad she didn’t treat the HIV and AIDS patients with any stigma. She got closer to them than any of the volunteers. Her exceptional duties were recognised and later she was recommended to the United Nations to continue her selfless service.

One day as she told her tale to a group during a summit, one man was touched by her story and decided to take care of her and her remaining brothers. He was from South Africa and volunteered to take them in order to help them in their schooling. That is how come after ten years of working with the AIDS commission, Amina found her way to the UN although with no qualification, and now delivers many lectures to people on the need to stay true to one’s partner and be faithful.

One thing she said as I attended one of her seminars was this: The human being is an entity that expires when its time is up. Life is the shortest thing we have to make eternal changes to the lives of many including the unborn. May we not spend time hating others, rather, let us love wholly, serve selflessly, and above all see every human being, no matter his or her state, as a simply a human being. For with that the world will be a better place.

My name is Kotey, good morning.


gh policeAfter the redenomination of Ghana’s cedi it was rumoured the favourite colour of the police was red. Not because of obvious reasons but I suppose the actions and inactions of the many few who policed the streets affirm this superstitious truth. Many times when drivers are stopped by the police, they will prefer to reach for their wallets rather than their licences. An action which is as a result of the revered reputation the police has. We also happen to hear the other police men with ropes on their shoulders who sit in the offices have their share brought to them in envelopes by their ‘errand boys’ on the street. As a result, it is believed that the pockets of the policemen are deeper than any other on earth.

In some cases we can have are police allegedly ‘arresting’ people without a warrant from the courts and giving them a comfy bed in cells for the weekend all because some ‘big man’ is well-connected to some people in government or perhaps knows a police officer. None of these actions can be justified no matter the cause. Detainment for more than 24 hours also happens in this country and we wonder what our constitution says.

It is very disheartening that are police cannot be trusted when it comes to protecting the lives of the citizenry or enforcing the law. It is easier for the police to carry out swift actions of investigation and enforcement when it regards political leaders or people in high authority. As of the 21st century, the police response time is 24 hours! In other words when anything is happening to you and you call the police, you can be sure they will be there in at most the next 24 hours and that is when you are lucky and they decide to come. In other countries, the police response time is 5 minutes and they are even having plans to make it as fast as practicable.

Another burden is trying to get contact with the police when you try to call them. Sometimes you hardly get a response. Even the national emergency line launched by the president is, on some occasions not reached when someone calls them.

I understand the obvious challenges the police face when it comes to equipment and quality of roads to the disturbed areas as well directions to the houses being attacked. It will indeed be of great essence if all the security agencies could have just one contact for people to make their case in times of emergency be it fire, robbery, or the need for an ambulance. America has 911; Britain has 999 and Ghana well I don’t know because the number differs from region to region.

The government through the metropolitan assemblies should also try to provide proper and identifiable street and house naming system that can grant the police easy access to any home should there be a disturbance.

Above all, if the Ghana police wish to gain trust among the citizenry it will depend on them. I applaud their effort of prosecuting and convicting their members who are found guilty in misconducting themselves. They must also put up proper behaviours on the streets rather than arguing with drivers and perhaps begging for money.

It is also truth that some of them serve mother Ghana heartlessly without fear or favour but their reputation have been soiled by the other men who see their stomachs first. Other strategies being put up by the Inspector General of Police is also worth commending.

May their work be fruitful, devoid of political influence and upholding of the law rather than requesting their favourite colour amongst Ghana’s depreciating cedi.

My name is Kotey and I believe in Ghana. Rise we can but when?

Things She Did for Love [Eps. 2]

picIn the last episode we got to know of how Akosua Dugan grew up and how she didn’t know her father. She has also met this gentleman who stares at her with his jaws open and his saliva is almost touching the ground. His name is Charles. The story continues….

As Charles stared at Akosua, the afternoon became midnight and the hot sun became like falling rain as his sweat soaked his shirt. This was no ordinary sweat like the ones he is used to on the fields. He has never felt lonely among many people and never has he seen many faces to be the same. As the gods of his ancestors may have it, today they appeared as a vessel in a human being that was no goddess but was capable of enchanting men without a spell.

He quickly snapped out of his trance and went about his registration. He must have prayed a different kind of prayer the night before as he went to bed. He succeeded in finishing up for the day and got to his hostel.

The following week when lectures began, Akosua had her head on the desk till the lecturer came to class. She had forgotten all about the guy who was staring at her. After all, it was normal for her to witness such occurrences. The lecture that day was short, just an introduction. It was now 10am and she decided to grab a snack at the stand nearest her class. She however wondered why the lecturer after not really doing any teaching would still give them an assignment to go and research on. She had no idea on what to do. Her imagined freedom in the university has been curtailed by her first lecture!

As she reached out for her snack and stepped out of the line, Charles was scraping his coins out of his pockets to get some sachet water. They bumped into each other and his coins went about flying on the ground. They were four five pesewas, making 20 pesewas. As the people around giggled at Charles, Akosua, not realising he was the guy from the last encounter, helped him locate his coins. When they both reached out to each other, her dark blue eyes met his.

Immediately, Charles felt his testicles shrink in size sending a ticklish feeling through him. Akosua’s heart pounced on her chest and one could literally see her left breast move. She has never felt such a feeling stronger than lightning. Just then, she lost track of herself and as she was listening to Wisa’s track, she whispered to his hearing “Ekiki me”.

To be continued……