Things She Did for Love [Eps. 1]

picShe laid in the bath tub naked but covered with foam so his eyes could not even envision the supposed curves that outdoored her beauty when she wore her tight clothing. He posed neither as murderer nor an intruder even though he watched her with her eyes closed, but as a gentleman fantasising over love.

Akosua Dugan was a product of coitus that never happened. Her mom had accepted sperms from a donor without consummation and later became pregnant. Akosua was birthed not in a hospital but on hill, a hill that housed their mansion and gave it prestige. She never knew her father. Or so did her mother made her come to believe.

As Akosua grew up the rumours of her dad not existing became truer to her than her own face in the mirror. She couldn’t help as many fingers pointed at her. “Was it really my fault, I came out as a fatherless child?” she told herself time and again. No matter how hard she tried her imagination still made her inferior. At night, her tears flowed down her cheeks onto her pillow like how a river flows from a mountain top to the valley. She was really hurt. Interestingly, it gave her strength.

Truth be told, her beauty granted gazes that gingered gestures, even awakening the giants, in gents like gluttons gutted by hunger. Her walkings could tame the wildest lion into becoming like a holy mouse sitting in front of a church congregation. Her look was fears than the gaze of a cat and it could captivate a preacher who didn’t pray before preaching.

After she completed her high school education she continued her education to the best university in the land where she met him. He was a gentleman, a gentleman who laboured from childhood on a farm where hunger was his slave master and sweat, his best companion. His crush stares at him with those captivating eyes and she looks on as his jaws drop open to make way for his saliva and that was when it all began.

To be continued….




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