Inspiration Thursday (#1)

When Ama left the village for the city to start a new life, she didn’t know what the future had installed for her. Her life in the village was consistent with going to the stream to fetch water at dawn and later that morning having a trip to the large farm where her family cultivated all sorts of crops. The constant trips continually waded her down as she wondered when all these would stop. She dreamt dreams of becoming a very important lady in the country who was married to a handsome guy and living in the city. But at age 23 and still carrying fire wood from broken
branches, that dream seems to be fading.

inspirerSooner had she given up on her dreams than her distant aunt, who traded in one of the big markets in the city arrived at the village. She noticed that Ama had become very beautiful and pleasing to the eye. She immediately understood why it was rumoured that many of the men feared to approach her. The continuous exposure of her skin to the sun on the farm has made her black skin conspicuous. Her white teeth honoured her smile with the caption that snow lives on a dark forest.

Consequently, Ama’s aunt decided to take her to the city to begin life anew. Ama’s hard work paid off as many people called on her for assistance in almost every trade she learnt. Indeed, all those times trekking to the farm and helping her parents each morning had turned her into a very hard working lady.

She decided to take up some adult literacy classes to help her understand and communicate in the Queen’s language. She tried arithmetic too. Soon she was helping her aunt keep proper accounts and documentation of the trade she undertakes. Many of the market women then started to employ her to enable them keep proper records of the businesses. Just after 2 years of staying in the city, Ama has now become the first choice of many market women who look for someone to trust and leave their goods behind for.

Ama quickly realised that her reputation is enough to begin a business of susu collection. She passed through the appropriate channels to get her organisation registered and paid her tax to help the government generate revenue for development. Her reputation made it easier for her as more and more people found it comfortable saving with her.

A year on, her name had spread to other markets in the region and she quickly took hold of that opportunity as well. Her little susu collection has outgrown her capacity so she began to employ trustworthy employees to help her business. The business later grew to become a micro finance where she started to give out loans to people who needed money for goods. Her interest rates were not high to deter people from coming to her. Now many people who are not market women even come to her for loans.

All the while, she never forgot her parents in the village. She visited them as and when the opportunity came and sent them money when it was available. She also started to donate to the school in the village so as to help provide proper education to the children.

Now at age 33, Ama is married to an Engineer who works with one of the leading engineering firms in the country. They met when Ama was going through her daily business. Their child is six months old and he can smile although he does not yet have teeth.

The point is, with hard work, trust, honesty and zeal, a man can become successful. Great things never come to the people who are lazy and only wish for them. Great things come to the people who see the opportunity and pounce on it. You can do it if you act towards it.

My name is Kotey. Good morning.


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