i find it laughable, although at the same time sad, that almost all workers in tdocs on strikehe health sector are going on strike. The doctors were the first to set in by asking for conditions of service. Is it wrong for doctors to ask for a condition of service as they risk their lives day and night trying to cure patients of contractible diseases?
Members of parliament nearly declared ‘strike’ some time back if they did not get a pay raise. If those at the hem of affairs do not learn to sacrifice for the good cause of this nation should the people who are already sacrificing their lives not be able to ask for an improved service?
Our presidents are flown out of the country for better medical check-ups even if it is malaria. This shows the less attention that has been given to the development of the health sector and how inferior it is to international standards.
Now the nurses are also going to go on strike if they do not get their pay arrears. Psychiatric nurses are also threatening to go on strike and i wonder who will now be taking care of psychiatric patients.

Until we learn to prioritize as a nation we shall continue to have many small problems, which is a very big problem.
But i believe in Ghana, and rise we can. But when?!


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