When the guardians of the law become the breakers of the law there is a reason not to trust them. When bald headed men who wear wigs to hide their hairless heads convict and discharge wrongly all because of a bag of coins there will be mistrust in the system they belong. When the red robes they wear are smeared with innocent blood of victims who were never guilty, we are sure to have ourselves in an epic state of conundrum. Yet they operate from places with inscriptions such as JUSTICE IS NOT FOR SALE and still work under a coat of arms which reads: FREEDOM AND JUSTICE. Evidently justice had been for sale and certainly to the highest bidder.
As the nation awakes from the exposed cracks in the judicial system which is supposed to be immune to all forms of corruption and be able to administer justice without fear or favor, one wonders how and why a sensitive arm of government which is supposed to be the last resort on all disputed problems engage in such menace without regarding the law.
Obviously Anas Aremeyaw Anas has once again proven himself as a distinct journalist who continues to name, shame and jail corrupt public officials who taint the image of their profession.anas
However, the reason these judges are being deemed to have done something wrong is as a result of the existence of laws in Ghana. Some may argue that should the Rule of Law apply here or the Rule of Common Sense? My view is that what makes them guilty should be used to judge them and in this case it is the law. It is therefore resting on the Judicial Council to restore the faith the public once had in them by dealing amicably with the solution.
After this case, the concern of many will be whether to take cases to the law courts which have been set up to administer justice or resort to ANTOA for a quick relief of charges. We patiently await September 22nd for a video which has already gone viral even though it is not a sex tape.
But I believe in Ghana and rise we can. But when?!


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