It is four years to the dawn of the 21st century and my friends and I are racing to the tip of the exposed gutter leaving at least five feet. It was a moment in which we engaged ourselves in shooting our urine into the choked sewage. The females who were nearby with their flat chest exposed to the ultra violet rays of the sun and just wearing grey panties smiled at our newly found sport.

I am sure it was mainly because it involved the use of our sprouting cotyledons. If only we had known their ironed chests would have graduated to becoming a matured citrus fruit, we would have had different plans.

But this is not the reason for this script. Four years before this epic scene, I remember images of my dad as he came back from work. He will sneak some toys into my cradle. It included a toy doctor, police man and an aeroplane for me to play with. I was a few months old but my memory started to record images early. Certainly the thought of seeing his son grow up to take up prestigious positions seem to be his drive. As we were growing up we would be lashed for going out of the house to go and play soccer. A moment I dreaded.

But some twenty years down the line, the eldest amongst my sibl


ings has seen the light and now buys football for his one year old son. An opposite world to what I lived in some years ago. I am sure after seeing 3 million US dollars flying to Brazil with guards in a presidential jet he has seen a possible future for his son. An issue that made patriotism to be a talk on the airwaves for another two weeks.

But who is oft to blame, in this country of ours where every problem is sugar o’er the devil himself? A problem that has confirmed the adage ‘religion is the opium of the masses.’ But to me it is our leaders who are to be blamed. The mismanagement of resources and misadministration of public equities have made this nation a destination for hungry political activists whose bellies are empty. You are seen to have a dreaded disease if you betray your political party to salvage the nation and hailed as a demigod when you do vice versa.

But Martin Amidu has broken the trend and has seen to the state becoming some millions of euros richer. An expedition he went on which members of his own political party said will be fruitless. Using his own pocket money, he forwarded the case involving Isofoton and Waterville in a judgement debt scandal, to the highest court of the land and has since his victory received applause from the discerning Ghanaian who is of the view that government must be held accountable and the checks and balances of this democratic nation must not be of just theoretical appreciation.

We live on a continent where presidents never declare their assets to the people. Many of them tend to become richer than the states they govern after their tenure of office. How ludicrous! Policies seem to stand the test of time only when the same political party is in power and soon becomes history when a new political party mounts the throne. Sustainable development is a mirage and a music sang by the opposition in government. But it soon becomes a dirge in their ears when they win power. Indeed, the poly tricks in African politics are poly ticks that suck the blood of hope from African citizens, under the guise of providing better lives, pioneered by masqueraded angels on sheets of ballot!

Kofi Annan, the former UN Secretary General indicated that the African continent spends close to 35 billion dollars on importations each year. An amount that when invested into the continent will make it a hub for future development. I don’t the blame the myopic vision of our leaders whose reasoning is at its peak only when they are in opposition but the silence of the people they govern. For this world is a bad place not because of the actions of bad people but mainly because of the silence of the good ones.

Now the trend seems to be changing and the realisation that partisanship is killing the vast majority of living Ghanaians have woken the minds of the elite of our society who took to the streets to occupy the seat of government. Their action seemed to have communicated to the presidency that indeed the people have a voice. It sought to communicate to the world that people should not fear their government but government should fear its people. For it is from the people that our system of governance is derived hence its authenticity. Neglecting the voices of even the least person will be to relegate to the background the very entity that strengthens the constitution, the people.

Notwithstanding the above, the nation is not only the people but the people are those who can determine the future of the nation. The need of the majority supersedes the need of one and it is to this reason we elect members of society to manage affairs of this nation and to implement policies that will seek to provide a better living environment not just for the present but for posterity. This can be achieved if the canker of partisanship which is eating us up is scraped for the hearts and minds of people.

Nothing can be achieved if there is no starting point. That is why I recommend this is started from the very top of leadership in society. If we the citizens realise that government officials who squander public funds are being held accountable and not given other political appointments due to their worth in a political party it will ring bells of caution in all of us. It will make leaders become more responsible and accountable as they avoid mismanagement of the country’s limited resources.

Until the many in politics uphold patriotism as virtue and not as an allegiance to one’s political party and personal interest, we will continue to linger in this limbo of a resurrecting Ghana. But when? That is why it starts with YOU!

Author: Kotey Edwin


2 thoughts on “A CALL TO BE PATRIOTIC

  1. It’s very true. Sustainable development is the issue. Every Party comes with its own policies and what happens to the policies of the previous government? Poor Ghana poor Africa.


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